About Us

Being a successful trader is a tedious job. Numerous amount of data crunching, graph reading, news following and many many more stuffs go into the making of a good trader. In this world where time is money and information is the decision maker, timely and relevant information has its prime importance. This is right where we pitch in.

We are not traders and personal finance experts but are a group of people who actually wanted a solution to the biggest trouble we faced as traders - we were CONFUSED - confused on what source to rely on for the right information. "Off the many sources, how good it would be if someone could actually identify the most relevant news items?" - thought the amateur us. But us being hardworkers, were never ready to settle (:p) - and here's the fruit - flickthrough.in.

What we do is simple. We identify the top news pieces for the day from the world of stock market and present it to you - clearly and precisely. True information at the right time is the killer. Having said that, don't rely on us to present a complete solution to the jigsaw called stock market. Instead, accept our little effort which we believe will add value to your key decisions.

We are excited - foreseeing how excited you will be, flicking through our content !