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Dec 18 2020 . ISSUE 35

Good morning Folks!😊 Struggling to break the records were a thing of the past. Nowadays, it is a cakewalk. Well, it holds true if you are Nifty. Sky is the limit!

I don't look to jump over seven-foot bars; I look around for one-foot bars that I can step over

– Warren Buffett




+ 23.70



+ 135.68



+ 3.00



- 110.00


SpiceJet introduces 30 new domestic flights including six new flights from Darbhanga in Bihar.

NATCO launches Rivaroxaban¸ anticoagulant medication in India.

Sebi suggests relaxing norms for listing startups
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To boost listing of start-ups, Sebi on Thursday said it has suggested relaxation in norms. 

Sebi has suggested reducing the period of holding of 25 per cent of pre-issue capital of the issuer company by eligible investors to one year from current requirement of two years.

The regulator has also proposed that there should be continuation of special rights, such as board seat and veto or affirmative voting rights, for existing institutional investors holding in excess of 10 per cent of capital.

Further, accredited investors' pre-issue shareholding should be considered for entire 25% of the pre-issue capital of the issuer company instead of present 10%.

Additionally, delisting may be considered if 75% of the total shareholding and voting rights are acquired against the present requirement of 90%.

Bottom line: Get ready to study some great startups. We might soon see some quality startups listing in the markets!

Court to not question farmer's protest
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The Supreme Court on Thursday said that the ongoing farmers' protest can continue till it does not destroy property or endanger life.

We recognize the fundamental right to protest against the laws and no question to curtail it. The only thing we can look into is that it should not cause damage to someone's life - said the apex court.

The court also suggested the farmers' union to alter the way of protest and not to clock the capital city. Justice acknowledged the plight of farmers and was staying strong on the stance that they have the fundamental right to protest for their rights.

The court opined only about the protest and not about the valdiity of the farm laws. The farm laws will be studied by the court and will have to wait.

Bottom line: Farmers are the backbone of our nation and the court acknowledged that. Reliance and Adani should be cautious.

Zee Entertainment to transfer digital publishing business to Rapidcube
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Zee Entertainment Board on Thursday approved the transfer of digital publishing business division of the company to Rapidcube Technologies Private Limited.

The digital publishing business division of the company is valued at ₹637.7 million. It contributed ₹328 million revenue for FY19-20, constituting nearly 0.5% of the total standalone business

Established this year, Rapidcube is a private company limited by shares and is the wholly owned subsidiary of Zee Media CorporationLimited.

Bottomline: A little news. But a not-so-little one for ZEE.

  • Mrs Bectors subscribed 198 times, highest ever for a Rs 200-cr plus IPO. It has generated bids worth over Rs 40,000 cr. Previously, only three tiny issues have garnered more than 200x subscription
  • KFC, Pizza Hut operator Sapphire Foods eyes 2021 IPO; backed by Goldman Sachs, Samara Capital
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