Reliance Strikes $15 Million Deal For Covid-19 Breath Test Kit

3 min read

Reliance has signed yet another big budget deal and this time they have the collective social responsibility in mind.

COVID-19 Breath Test Kit

Reliance Group has signed a $ 15 million deal with Israeli company Breath of Health (BOH) to distribute the company's swift COVID-19 breath testing system throughout India. According to the agreement, the Indian corporate giant will purchase hundreds of systems from the Israeli company and will use them to conduct millions of tests a month at a cost of $ 10 million per month.

The breath system developed by BOH is said to be able to identify Covid-19 at a success rate of over 95%. Preliminary results from clinical trials it is conducting with Israeli hospitals have shown a success rate of 98 % compared to the standard PCR test authorised by global medical organisations.

Bottom line: The agreement will help to accelerate the trials and give the nation a head-start towards returning to normalcy.


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